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Xpress Lube Technicians will recommend services based on manufacturer's time and mileage intervals for “severe” driving conditions.  We do this level of service because we understand how hard Anchorage weather can be on your vehicle.  We may also recommend certain services based on other criteria if manufactures do not make recommendations for them.  However, if you don't drive in “severe” conditions or you need more information about different driving conditions, simply let us know.


YOU make the final decision about which service(s) to purchase.


Xpress Lube will never base fluid service recommendations on the appearance or smell of your vehicle's fluids.  We will never charge you for services that you have not authorized or that were not completed properly.


Please ask if you would like to see or receive your used parts; we are always happy to accommodate your request.


At Xpress Lube, we are more than just oil changes. Visit one of our four convenient locations in Anchorage to receive our quality service and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Quality Matters

At Xpress Lube, we pride ourselves on our on our highly trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment. When you get your vehicle serviced at Xpress Lube, you know you are receiving the highest quality at an affordable price.


At Xpress Lube, we will never recommend services we don't deem necessary. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to all the services we provide. From oil changes to differentials, Xpress Lube has you covered.


Special Offers & Coupons

All of our services are competitively priced, yet we still offer additional discounts and special offers. Click to see our latest coupons that you can use for upcoming services.

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